Pet Portraits

I work from your photographs using professional quality acrylic inks to create a totally bespoke pet portrait for you. I try to capture the personality of your pet with an expressive style of painting using ink dropped onto wet paper which I allow to spread and develop naturally. I combine the wet ink with splattered ink and ink runs which gives a feeling of movement and personality to each portrait. To finish off each painting I will add in more detail using different thicknesses of dip pen, working the ink carefully to bring out texture and features around the nose and eyes, giving a lifelike and three dimensional effect.  

A3 Staffie Reggie
A3 Bernese Basil
A3 Cockerpoo Otto
A3 Cockerpoo Arthur
A4 Fern the pony
A3 Lenny & Luna
A4 Chihuahua Bertie
A3 ZuZu Bichon/Shitzu
A3 Mittens
A3 Labradoodle Sally
A4 Jojo horse
A3 Lottie Labrador
A3 Florrie Labrador
A3 Tigs Cat
A3 Bruno Labrador
A3 Malaika Labrador
A3 Baxter Labrador
A3 Beagle
A4 Labrador
A3 Schnauzer & Labrador
A4 German Shepherd x Pointer
A3 German Short Haired Pointers
A3 Lhasa apso
A4 Cockerpoo
A4 Bichon Frise

Portraits are available in 3 sizes:

From £150: Small: 10"x12" (25.4x30.5cm)

(slightly smaller than A3: suitable for single small breed pets)

From £200: Medium: 12"x16" (30.5x40.6cm) *most popular*

(slightly larger than A3: suitable for any single portrait or for 2 small pets as a double)

From £250: Large: 15"x22" (38.1x55.9)

(slightly smaller than A2: suitable for single medium/large breeds or for multiple pets as a double or triple)


Paintings can be personalised with names or memorial dates and can either be presented unframed or I can have your portrait framed locally for you with an ivory mount in a contemporary 25mm oak frame ready to hang.

Portraits will take 3-4 weeks to paint and please allow another week if you would like it framed (only available for local clients). Your portrait will be presented with a black mount, board backed, in a protective sleeve and packaged safely in between strong foam sheets in a board envelope. 

Please note that due to the amount of work that goes into each portrait I will require payment upfront before I can begin work on your artwork. 

Note on photographs: without excellent quality photographs I cannot paint your portrait. I need to see detail as well as colour so ideally I need multiple photographs taken outside in natural light. Natural light is very important for reality and depth of colours. I will need a front on headshot as well as a profile side on headshot, plus at least one full body shot. Even if I am not painting a full body portrait it is still useful for me to get an idea of your pets full body proportions. I also like to know name, gender, breed & age so please include this information for me when you email your photos. Please use your order number as a reference when you email (this will be generated when you checkout) and send your photos as large a files as you can. If there is a particular photo that you want me to work from please make that clear when you email me otherwise I will choose the photograph that I think will make the best portrait. I reserve the right to not take your commission if your photos are not good enough to work from. 

Here are some example of my portraits up against the photos that I worked from,

so you can see how vital good quality close up photographs really are!

Pet Portrait
Pet Portrait
Pet Portrait