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About Me

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My name is Abi and I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Surrey Hills with my partner, my three children and two energetic dogs!

I studied art and design at school and after university I had the opportunity to move to New York where I had the most incredible experience at art school. I trained under some amazingly talented teachers, put together solo exhibitions and won scholarships and bursaries.

I continued my training at art school back in London and started discovering a more illustrative way of working, but it wasn’t until a eureka moment experimenting with dip pen and inks that I really started to find my style.

Working with dip pen and inks on wet watercolour paper means every mark, every drop, every run is totally unique and I embrace the fluidity and freedom of this technique. Painting in inks gives a vibrancy and yet softness that helps me to capture the personality and character of everything I draw.

I have made a business out of doing what I love, drawing and painting in pen & inks, and I have developed my fun and quirky style over the years into a high quality brand including beautiful stationery, luxurious bone china, hand made textiles and original pieces of art.

I am proud to say that I have painted hundreds of portraits and illustrations for clients and the ‘Illustration by Abi’ brand is now stocked in more than 50 independent gift shops all over the world.

Please enjoy exploring the rest of my website.

Illustration by Abi
Illustration by Abi
Illustration by Abi
Illustration by Abi
Illustration by Abi
Illustration by Abi
Illustration by Abi
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