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Small: 10"x12" (25.4x30.5cm) slightly larger than A4. Suitable for a portrait of a small dog or cat.

Medium: 12"x16" (30.5x40.6cm) approx A3. Ideal for a portrait of a medium or large pet or for a double portrait of 2 small pets. 

Large: 15"x22" (38.1x55.9cm) slightly smaller than A2. Suitable for any pet portrait particuarly large pets or for a double or triple portrait. 


All portraits are painted using acrylic inks on Daley & Rowney professional quality 300g watercolour paper or board. Portraits will be head shot only unless requested otherwise. Portraits will be centred on the board allowing roughly a 2cm border all the way around to allow for framing tolerances. Portraits will be painted vertically or horizontally according to the source photo used unless you have a preference. 

Buy a Pet Portrait

  • Note on photographs: without excellent quality photographs I cannot paint your portrait. I need to see detail as well as colour so ideally I need multiple photographs taken outside in natural light. Natural light is very important for reality and depth of colours. I will need a front on headshot as well as a profile side on headshot, plus at least one full body shot. Even if I am not painting a full body portrait it is still useful for me to get an idea of your pets full body proportions. I also like to know name, gender, breed & age so please include this information for me when you email your photos. Please use your order number as a reference when you email (this will be generated when you checkout) and send your photos as large a files as you can. If there is a particular photo that you want me to work from please make that clear when you email me otherwise I will choose the photograph that I think will make the best portrait. I reserve the right to not take your commission if your photos are not good enough to work from.